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Kerryn is a Pregnancy Exercise and Postnatal Exercise Specialist and the Founder of PregActive. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe diastasis recti exercises to help heal abdominal separation. Kerryn's strives to promote and support a healthy lifestyle for all pregnant women and new mothers.

Mother the Mother


Mother the Mother - Why Nurturing the Mother is just as important. Guest: Angi Hill. Angi is passionate about supporting new Mothers and helping them feel at ease from the demands of motherhood. ‘Mother the Mother’ is a concept we at PregActive strive for, because it’s so important to look after the Mother too.

Mother the Mother2020-05-07T00:13:27+10:00

The First 8 Weeks Postpartum by Kerryn Boyle


The First 8 Weeks Postpartum. I remember one of our PregActive Mamas telling me the first 6 weeks “It’s just like you are trying to keep a potato alive”. There’s no smiles and you are covered in poop and vomit, and not sleeping. Well, if that’s the case, I have a very cute potato. And I adore him, and to be honest, have loved the first 6 weeks. Well, apart from week five that is. That’s when, and wait for it, I got.

The First 8 Weeks Postpartum by Kerryn Boyle2020-03-24T16:00:22+11:00

Episode 11 Low Iron in Pregnancy


Iron deficiency in pregnancy is common, especially in the third trimester. These babies just take all our iron and often we are left with feelings of fatigue and exhaustion that is beyond the ‘normal’ levels for pregnancy. Getting a blood test and seeing your iron levels is important. But it’s just the start!

Episode 11 Low Iron in Pregnancy2020-05-03T14:58:53+10:00

Max’s Birth: Part THREE of My Birth Story


My Pregnancy Week and Birth Story part three. It’s go time. I was sucking on a hydrolyte icy pole (by the way, those things are gooooood!) as Paul packed the car. Birth stories blog.

Max’s Birth: Part THREE of My Birth Story2020-03-29T14:20:41+11:00

Coronavirus in Pregnancy – What All Pregnant Women Must Know


Pregnant women and Coronavirus - Coronovirus  in Pregnancy. ‘Coronavirus in Pregnancy’ is a concern for many pregnant women but the good news is that you do not appear to be more susceptible to severe Covid-19 symptoms. Pregnant women are advised to avoid all non-essential overseas travel and to report early symptoms to their midwife, obstetrician or GP.

Coronavirus in Pregnancy – What All Pregnant Women Must Know2020-03-12T14:21:24+11:00

Max’s Birth: Part TWO of My Birth Story


My Pregnancy Week and Birth Story part two. The phone call to the midwife.As we drove home I called my midwife. We are in the Midwifery Group Practice which has been amazing. I was speaking to a lady just before Christmas.

Max’s Birth: Part TWO of My Birth Story2020-03-29T14:13:10+11:00

Max’s Birth: Part ONE of My Birth Story


My Pregnancy Week and My Birth Story. My drug free quick labour was everything I could have hoped for. It was amazing and empowering and I’m so proud to say all my preparation paid off. Using the PregActive Birth Skills I’ve taught hundreds of women were exactly what I needed to help me.

Max’s Birth: Part ONE of My Birth Story2020-03-06T13:51:35+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 36


Pregnancy Week 36 - New Year.We made it! We always wanted our bub to arrive in 2020. That’s when he’s due, but hey, it doesn’t always mean that’s when he’ll arrive! Babies often come at random times. I was speaking to a lady just before Christmas.

My Pregnancy Week 362020-02-27T08:33:20+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 35


My Pregnancy Week 35.Pregnancy Week 35 and it's Christmas. I’m not sure what I love more Christmas itself, or playing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey on constant repeat.

My Pregnancy Week 352020-02-06T06:58:30+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 34


My Pregnancy Week 34. Getting Big Now. Yep, he’s growing! My belly is getting much bigger now! And I don’t even have to notice for myself, I have plenty of people reminding me.

My Pregnancy Week 342020-02-06T06:58:30+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 33


My Pregnancy Week 33. Hospital Bag when Pregnant. This style of packing is like no other I’ve ever done before. Normally, when going on holiday, I lay out what I’m going to take, and then, last minute I do a mad rush and pack half the house with me too.

My Pregnancy Week 332020-02-06T06:58:30+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 32


My Pregnancy Week 32. For our wedding, instead of having a guest book, we created postcards of our adventures across the world. We had one for every guest and asked them to write on the back a memory

My Pregnancy Week 322020-02-06T06:58:30+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 31


My Pregnancy Week 31. I am loving that I see a range of health care professionals. And the key is asking them why. If they say something, I’m the first to ask them to explain it. Because if they can explain it, and it makes sense, it means they know what they’re talking about.

My Pregnancy Week 312019-12-23T18:47:55+11:00

Episode 9 Pain Management in Early Labour


Pain Relief during Labour. Every Pregnant woman wants to know her pain management options when it comes to labour and birth. Pain relief during labour is what we want to know about. This podcast helps provide tips to help inform pregnant women of the options they have, including non-medicated pain relief options.

Episode 9 Pain Management in Early Labour2020-01-22T21:42:15+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 30


My pregnancy week 30. And here we are, week 30! I feel like it’s absolutely going to fly from here… but at the same time, start to feel really slow! Back a few months, a friend gave me a whole bunch of maternity clothes.

My Pregnancy Week 302019-12-23T18:49:36+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 29


My pregnancy week 29 - Last week in my twenties. I feel like age and weeks of pregnancy are similar. Once you hit 30, things change! This is my last week of being in my ‘twenties’ of my pregnancy! Crazy!

My Pregnancy Week 292019-12-23T18:50:26+11:00

Episode 8 Optimising Baby Position


Optimising Baby Positioning podcast for pregnancy. What You Need to Know from Dr James Evans. Baby Positioning. Mother’s positioning and movement can actually have an effect on the way the baby lays in the womb in the final stages of pregnancy.

Episode 8 Optimising Baby Position2020-01-20T23:36:39+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 28


My pregnancy week 28 - No Gestational Diabetes, but.. Want the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the good! I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. Thank goodness!

My Pregnancy Week 282019-12-16T15:47:23+11:00

My Pregnancy Week 27


My Pregnancy Week 27 - Alright, it’s all getting real now in week 27. Third trimester and it’s time to get organised. I’ve had a few friends send me lists of what they got when they had their bub, and it’s been really useful.

My Pregnancy Week 272019-12-23T18:51:16+11:00