Diastasis Recti during Pregnancy

Need some trusted diastasis recti exercises to help heal your abdominal separation? Is diastsis recti pain causing you unnecessary discomfort?

Diastasis Exercises during Pregnancy

I am here to help YOU.

Healing diastasis recti takes time. Fixing diastasis recti cannot be done by some magic exercise. NO exercises will cure or stop your DR, but the right ones can assist in the healing process.

And strengthen your core.

Most new mothers who join my postpartum exercise classes do not know how to exercise after childbirth when they have abdominal separation.

I know, I get it, you may want to start losing unwanted baby weight. But what you need the most, right now, is to allow your body to heal and recovery.

If you don’t, you could more serious harm and injury to yourself. In some cases, surgery may be needed.

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Discover the Best Exercises to Prevent or Reduce Diastasis Recti Severity

Diastasis Recti Exercise Video

Video duration: 5 minutes 40 seconds

Video content: Prenatal Exercise Specialist Kerryn Boyle demonstrates deep abdominal core exercises you can do at home.

Diastasis Exercises to Avoid

Immediately after childbirth, you must avoid intense core abdominal exercises.

These include crunches, planking, abdominal curls and heavily loaded resistance exercises during your postnatal workouts.

Some trainers promote these exercises to a healthy population. However, these exercises will only increase unwanted strain on your upper and deep abdominal muscles post baby.

This causes them to separate further which impacts on the healing process.

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