Exercises to Avoid for Diastasis Recti

With Kerryn Boyle

There are certain exercises to avoid for diastasis recti. Performing the wrong exercises can slow the healing process of abdominal separation. I teach the right exercises to all my clients but it is also important to point our the exercises and movements you must not do.

In fact, performing the wrong exercises can increase strain on the upper abdominal muscles which will cause them to separate instead of healing. You should avoid any intense abdominal or core exercises during this postpartum period.

Make sure you only participate in postnatal classes with a qualified instructor who understands the relationship between DR and exercise.

Here some Exercises to Avoid for Diastasis Recti

• Incline sit-ups.
• Double leg raise.
• Traditional abdominal curl or sit up.
• Intense abdominal exercise machines.
• Oblique sit-ups/machine.
• Bicycle legs.
• Hanging knee raise.
• Exercise ball sit-ups.
• Ball leg raises.