My Pregnancy Week 21

Pregnancy pillow talk

My Pregnancy Week 21

My Pregnancy Week 21

Yep, it’s time.

I need a pillow for my bump when I sleep. And thank goodness a friend has given me a butterfly style pillow.

Here’s how it works.

One ‘wing’ of the butterfly is on one side, I lay in the middle and the other ‘wing’ is on the other side.

See the picture below to get what I’m talking about.

When I role from one side to the other, I don’t need to move the pillow. As I roll over I then slide the one between my legs back through. It’s actually really good!

Way better than trying to do a 20-point-turn with a pillow between my knees!

Before this week, I didn’t really need a pillow, so it was kind of annoying to have in the bed. I’d often just chuck it out.

But now, I feel like it’s coming with me, even if we stay somewhere else!

I love it!

So important to support the bump as it grows. We forget we’re in that position for such a long time. It’s the same with wrists.

I know so many women who curl up their hands and have bent wrists for 8 hours at a time. It can’t be good for you!

The other thing is the pillow between the knees is a helpful support to put less pressure on my hips, glutes and back. I’d certainly recommend it to any pregnant woman to start sleeping like this, as it helps at any stage.

And you do get used to it!

I’m enjoying sleeping well whilst it lasts, because I have a feeling it’s not going to last.

Weird dreams

Like really weird. I often dream and I can remember it when I wake up, but of late these dreams have been super weird and super intense!

And then, I pick up my copy of Up the Duff (which I love!) and I read about this week and it talks about the weird dreams.

Well, at least I know I’m on track. So many of the PregActive mamas said they experienced the same thing.

I really wonder why?

Can someone answer that for me?

What is the purpose of these weird dreams?

I bet it’s just so we wake feeling unrefreshed!


Hopefully they ease off!

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Midwife appointment

Met my back up midwife, Tanya.

SO happy, she’s just so awesome.

I’m loving the fact I’m in the midwifery group practice. Seeing the same two midwifes all the way through is really helpful and makes me feel I get to know them.

Tanya, just like Christina is an absolute legend. Just so calm and at ease and reassuring too. I’m sure they see a lot of stuff, the good and the bad. But their perspective on birth is just what I love.

The whole aim is to have a natural birth and to keep Mother and baby safe.

It’s exactly what I want, and hopefully what happens!

My pregnancy week 21 what to expect

Maternity Bras

Never in my life have I had big boobs.

Often, I don’t need a bra, and to be honest, when I’m home I LOVE taking it off!

But now, all of a sudden, I’ve had a growth spurt!

Very exciting let me tell you! I’m sure I’ll get over it, but for someone like me (and all my flat chested babes out there!) it’s exciting for us!

I did have a girl tell me once she went form a size A to a double D, which is a dramatic change!

I’m a small B cup size and I’ve gown into a C. The other thing is that the band size  has changed too.

A lot of women don’t think about this, but it’s not just the cup size that changes, the ribs expand from a very oval shape to a rounder shape as the baby grows.

So I’ve started to feel that the bands are getting too tight.

The solution? Go out and get some new bras!

No need to spend a lot, particularly if they are going to change size again!

But the bonds bras I’ve now bought are my favourite, as are the bonds feeding singlets (that are a comfortable single with a built-in bra).

Underwire is out. I just don’t like it anyway, but it’s just not feeling comfortable. But certainly, having some support is important, for the breast tissue, but also for the skin.

So many changes in the body at the moment!

The Last Supper

I really feel like this is a completely new chapter in life. And to add to that my parents have sold our family home which we grew up in.

We’ve had two family homes. One from when I was born until I was 12-years-old and then this second one which housed all our teenage years!

The first house my sister and I shared a room, thank goodness we had separate rooms in the new house! I don’t think we would have survived being two teenage girls. Although it would have made stealing her clothes much easier.

Yep, I was THAT younger sister that wanted to be cool like my big sis.

A lot of changes happening, we moved into our new home and my parents are now moving out of theirs!

So, we had a ‘last supper’ at the family home before the big move happened.

So many memories, it’s incredible what you remember as a kid.

And now, we’re starting that process with our own little child.

Social catch up with pregnant women

Lots happening this week!

We also had a PregActive social catch up with a bunch of the pregnant mamas. It was so cool, there were first timers’ mamas, first timers with step kids on the scene and second / third time mums.

It’s so unique how different every experience is.

No pregnancy is the same and now mother experiences it the same as someone else, but it is nice to have someone else who is going through something similar to you.

I loved the conversations we had! One of which was, ‘what’s your code word?’. The word you give to your birth support person or team to tell them ‘if I use this word it means I really want the drugs’.

The words we all came up with were hilarious.

Because you really want it to be a word you’re not going to easily just say, but a  word that you know means business.

Let’s hope I don’t have to use my word – although to be honest, I don’t yet know what word I’ll use!

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My Pregnancy Week 21 Tips

1. If you are wanting a water birth, check that your midwife is water-birth accredited, as not all midwifes are.

You are still able to be in the bath for parts of your labour, but if you don’t have a midwife that is accredited in water birth, you can’t actually birth your baby in the water.

2. Check out a Tens Machine of you’re thinking of using one, and have a practice run. Not on you, but on your partner, it’s worth a laugh.

3. Exercise in your day can help you to sleep better – although it’s not a given.

Going for a walk outside just before you go to bed, listening to some calm music or reading can help relax your mind and may help have a more restful sleep.

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