My Pregnancy Week 25

People Really Notice Now

It’s funny, you forget people look you up and down before they speak to you. I went to an aqua class on Sunday morning, just me and a bunch of oldies.

As we were waiting for the class to start, one little lady said to me “you’re new, is this your first time.”

It was so lovely chatting with her, and then, covered completely by the water so no bump to be seen I said “I’m pregnant” and went to tell her that I was going to do laps today, but saw the class on and thought ‘why not’.

But before I could, she quickly replied with “yes, I know”. She’d already sussed me out!

Standing at the bakery, you know ‘just looking’ as you do.

The lady behind the counter could have said anything along the lines of ‘is anyone waiting’ or ‘can I help you’, but instead she said “it must be pregnant day!”

Now thinking back, I must have given her the most confused-blank look. And she went on to say that she’d seen a bunch of pregnant women.

Almost like we were a rare kind of leopard that are hard to find, and she’d successfully, whilst being behind the bakery counter, spotted a bunch of us!

It’s so funny!

Because people make judgement of you before your pregnant too.

Everyone does it.

You look at someone, suss out if you think they’d be nice, ponder why they cut their hair like that and check out what their wearing and if you think it suits them.

Am I right?

It’s so wrong, but we all subconsciously do it.

The difference with pregnancy is that people get excited. Which personally I think is nice, so I honestly don’t mind at all.

But in the excitement, they often say Exactly. What. Is. On. Their. Mind.

Like, exactly.

Whether it’s a “oh you’re growing,” “look how big you’re getting,” “since last week you’ve really changed,” “from the side I can really see it.”

I’m all belly right now, and I’m loving my belly.

As long as my little boy is growing well and getting all the nutrients, he needs to be the healthy, active little boy we want him to be, I’m happy.

If, I wasn’t feeling great in my body, those “wow, you’re getting big” comments would annoy me!

In the line of work, I’m in, I mostly see people weekly. Or even more spread out than that. The only person I see every single day is my husband.

So, there is a big jump from week to week when people see me.

Pregnancy Week 25

Pregnancy Week 25

I have the best Third Trimester Workouts for You

Pregnancy Week 25 – Almost at third trimester!

I cannot believe we’re at the very end of the second trimester. It’s going so fast!

I sort of want it to slow down, but at the same time, so excited for what the new year will bring and the exciting 12 times we have ahead of us.

We’re writing a little journal to our son. We just pick it up and write a page every so often. I love re-reading what we’ve both written and how we’re feeling at that point in time.

I find myself just thinking about us as a family, down at the beach, at the park, or even just in our back yard.

I’m still re-reading my books, but because I have so much more energy at the moment I’m finding I’m not reading as much as I was when I couldn’t be stuffed doing anything!

I’m sure that will all change very soon, but for now I need to force myself to slow down at the end of the day, relax with a bath and then hop into bed and read for a little bit before drifting off to sleep.

He’ll be a toddler before we know it

We had friends around over the weekend and boys are just SO very different to girls.

Aren’t they?

It’s funny to watch. I mean, that’s a complete general statement, but on average, it’s true.

I heard a fact that girls can release hormones that help them concentrate when they are still, where as boys need to move more to do this. I have no idea if this is true or not, but interesting!

I have a feeling we’re going to be very BALL focused.

All little boys I know just love balls, whether it’s a round ball or a football, they just enjoy kicking it, pushing it and picking it up and running with it.

The BIG list

I’ve had a big list from a friend sitting in my inbox for a while now. All the things she got once bub was born, and I’ve been putting off looking at it.

I think when it’s a reality that there is a next step, and it’s approaching, mentally you think you can just ignore it and it will go away.

Nope, it won’t go away, and our very empty babies room needs some essentials before little Mr. decides to arrive.

I’ve been so blessed with people offering items for us to borrow or to keep. If you went out and bought every little item that was on one of these lists, you’d truly spend a fortune.

And so, the list is printed.

I still haven’t looked at it properly – that’s next week’s job. This week was to print it. Step one complete, tick!

My tips for pregnancy week 25

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My tips for pregnancy week 25

1. Enjoy your energy if you still have it!

But also, don’t be scared that you’ll feel the same as first trimester.

Each trimester is different and often people do say that the first is the worst.

As you grow, you’ll just start to become more restricted physically, and of course you’ll be more tired.

But not necessarily in a complete fatigue-what-are-my-hormones-doing kind of way.

2. Start thinking about post-birth if you haven’t already.

It’s so hard, I know.

But the reality is, birth is such a small part of this whole equation.

And every mother I’ve spoken to says “focus on the weeks and months after you have baby rather than just the birth, as no one tells you to”.

3. So here I am, telling you to do it.

If you’re standing at a bakery for longer than two seconds, be prepared to have a comment about your pregnancy!

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