My Pregnancy Week 28

No Gestational Diabetes, but..

My Pregnancy Week 28 No Gestational Diabetes

My pregnancy week 28 – No Gestational Diabetes, but..

Want the good news or the bad news? Let’s start with the good! I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. Thank goodness!

You know it’s so funny, I never ever thought about the fact of the test coming back positive. I eat so well and have nothing indicating I am at risk, but for some women that all doesn’t matter!

The testing is so strict now, that even if you are just over the line, they’ll diagnose you.

I know so many women who have had Gestational Diabetes and it’s forced them to eat so much healthier than the Tim-tams and ice-cream diet they were aiming for in their pregnancy, so that’s a good thing!

But still, it’s a relief everything inside is working well. Almost everything that is,except..

My iron levels.

This is where if I was texting this I’d be putting a sad face emoji. You know, the one that’s not only sad but also disappointed.

Yep, that sums me up. I don’t know why I thought I could escape it.

I’m not superwoman!

But I think I’m growing a little superman inside me and he’s zapping up all my iron stores to big and strong!

So, I went and got my iron supplement.

I’ve started with Ferro-Grad-C and if my body can’t handle it I’ll try Malfoter. I took one before I taught prenatal yoga last night (bad idea) and I felt so tired in relaxation.

Those poor ladies could have been lying there for ages if I didn’t resist my temptation to just fall asleep myself!

Apparently, the iron supplements can make you tired?! Ah, isn’t that the whole idea, that they help to give you iron, which ideally helps reduce the tiredness?

The way the pregnant body works will always surprise me.

So yep, it’s me and old people eating bran every morning and munching on prunes so that constipation doesn’t hit it. Because let’s face it, nobody wants that.

My haemoglobin levels were good (117), but it’s the Ferronin that was low (14). So I have another test is 6 weeks to see if it goes up!

My Pregnancy Week 28

I always include these, but now it’s a real focus:

1. Green leafy vegetables: Kale, Spinach

2. Dried apricots

3. Red meat

4. Nuts and seeds (especially pumpkin seeds)

5. Quinoa

So let’s see how I go hey!

Women supporting women

Yesterday was my baby shower, I have the most incredible friends and family, and having all my closest women in one room is just amazing.

It’s funny, it’s like any event. The lead up is huge! The event itself is amazing.

And then, it’s all over!

I think it’s really important to have a feeling of support around you now in the pregnancy, because it will really help feel supported once little bub is born.

My gorgeous Aunty said “make sure there’s someone around you on day three, that’s when everyone cries”. It’s a true reality, and many of those early days will probably feel very long.

But the years are short, and once out of that newborn stage it’s going to fly.

I love babies, working with gorgeous Mothers and Babies all the time, I get to see so many. And they don’t stay very little for long. I was to keep remembering that.

To embrace those early days and weeks, because as much as there will be sleepless nights, crying, vomit and poop, our little guy will never be that little again and he will one day be all grown up!

We plan to have more kiddies, so also knowing that this feeling when you have your firstborn will never be the same, it’s pretty cool.

Next time there is a new baby, they’ll have their older brother watching on.

Pregnancy Week 28

Join Our PregActive Tribe of Pregnant Women Like You!

I’ve always liked celebrations. Birthdays, Christmas, any excuse to get together, I love it! It’s so not about the gifts.

I remember for my 21st being overwhelmed with the amount of presents that for my 30th, I just asked everyone to donate towards a non-for-profit cause instead.

I’m feeling so prepared and now very equipped. It was so nice going through and opening the presents with my husband on the night of the baby shower. We did a little video of us opening them and will send it along with the thank yous.

I’ve been to baby showers before, and I just didn’t want that time of opening presents in front of everyone.

I’d prefer to do it just us, but at the same time, videoing it was nice, because it shows our reaction and we get to still share that moment with our beautiful friends and family that gave it to us.

Will be so cool when we can take a photo of our little guy in his new ‘onesies’ or shoes or playing with his new little toys and reading his gorgeous little books.

There really is so much involved in getting ready for a baby, and to have each person involved give something small to contribute was really nice.

And I tell you what, some of those little outfits are dam CUTE! TO be fair, I think anything is cute when it’s miniature size!

Feeling very grateful for the people in our lives.

My Pregnancy Week 28 Tips

My Pregnancy Week 28 Tips

1. Your diet is really going to help you and your baby.

Help your body absorb the nutrients by knowing what goes well together.

Eating iron rich foods with some vitamin C can help with absorption.

Black tea can hinder absorption or iron, so avoid tea around the time of eating iron rich foods (or your iron supplement).

2. Don’t wait for constipation to hit in. It’s a common side effect from taking an iron supplement, so ensure you have fibre rich foods to help you!

3. If you plan to have a baby shower, it’s one of the first big steps towards saying yes to help.

Get in the practice of it.

And even giving guidance on what you need help with is important. Making a list of what you need to get now is a good idea, and helps you feel more organised.

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