My Pregnancy Week 30

I’m officially 30 (again!)

My Pregnancy Week 30

My Pregnancy Week 30

And here we are, week 30! I feel like it’s absolutely going to fly from here… but at the same time, start to feel really slow!

Back a few months, a friend gave me a whole bunch of maternity clothes.

As I unpacked the box, I saw all these big loose-fitting clothes that looked, to me at the time, like they would just be a big sac-looking-thing.

Well, it’s about time I get back into that box and find all of those loose-fitting clothes that I thought “I won’t wear that!” Because I can tell you, I’m at THAT point.

The point where I just want to wear loose fitting clothes.

The tight clothes are for when I go out so people can see my beautiful bump, the loose ones are for when I’m home and just want to be comfortable. The pure focus on my wardrobe now… comfort.

And, I wore heels.

I know, why? It’s a question I asked myself for days after.

We went to an engagement party and I honestly didn’t even think about it until the day of. I had the dress all planned out, and then, well, I didn’t think beyond that.

So, I had the option of wearing thongs (so should have!) or, wearing the most supportive heals I have.

I went with the latter option, and to be fair, I sat as much as I could. I got dropped off pretty much at the door by my husband and then took them off as soon as we got out of the venue at the end.

It was fun, I have been avoiding going out late at night because I get so tired by 9pm. I don’t want to be curled up trying to nap in a bar, or that person that just looks super uninterested.

I had a great time! Thanks to my 45-minute nap earlier in the day, I had great energy!

I do have a question though. Why is it that, now that I’m pregnant, cheese and meat boards are the new nibble food at every event?

I was literally standing at the food table eating the bread and olive oil and every person that came up (oh goodness, it sounds like I was there for ages – which I probably was!) said “hmmmm… there’s not much on here you can eat is there!”

And then another gorgeous pregnant mama came up and starting eating the bread with me and said “I’m pregnant too.” And there was my new best friend for the night.

We bonded over food, and ending up being the ones sitting down at the end.

Will I ever be the dance floor queen again?

My Pregnancy Week 30 what to expect

Your Health and Wellbeing Matters when Pregnant!

Post-Birth Prep

I always promised myself, that when I became pregnant, I would focus the:

1. First trimester on adapting my body as best I could to being pregnant.

2. Second trimester on enjoying the pregnancy and preparing for birth.

3. Spend a portion of the third trimester really prepping for life after birth.

And that’s what I’m doing.

I’m forever grateful for the PregActive community of amazing mothers and mothers-to-be that give such helpful advice.

I’d love to know the percentage of mamas-to-be that purely focus on the pregnancy and birth, buy a few things for baby and then get to that point once bub is out and go, “now what?!”

The focus on post-birth is often not there, and I’ve seen it happen over and over again. That overwhelm, the ‘no body told us’. And to be fair, no one can tell you.

There is no way you can be fully prepared for what’s about to happen, but you can certainly be as prepared as you can – in the right way.

It’s the same with birth. There is no point getting all worked up about it. But knowing some skills you can use and some useful pointers does give you more confidence.

I’m excited for what’s to come, and so pleased I have a tribe of supporters around me that I know are there for us. And we need to learn to ask for that help.


We had a great VBAC Inspirational Birth Story went live on the Podcast this week and I am loving the idea of having so many more ‘mother’ and ‘birth’ stories come through the podcast.

It’s giving me even more confidence and excitement of the new adventure. I know it will be tough, but I also believe it’s going to be one of the best things ever, all at the same time.

The idea of the podcast is to spread the awareness of the types of amazing information I know and receive from other experts in the field. It’s been wonderful so far and I’m looking forward to many more conversations to be shared.

My Pregnancy Week 30 - Tips for this week

My Pregnancy Week 30 – Tips for this week

Start focusing on post-birth if you haven’t already. And by that I don’t mean what little toys have you got for him or which cute outfit will be his photos.

Start by:

1. Writing a list of things YOU will need post-birth (including big grandma undies!)

2. Talking to other mothers who have recently had a bub about self-care tips for you

3. De-cluttering your house (as it’s about to get a whole lot more cluttered with baby stuff!)

4. Having clothes that will be comfortable for you to wear post-birth, as it will be a wardrobe shift for you.

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