My Pregnancy Week 31

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My pregnancy week 31

My Pregnancy Week 31

I am loving that I see a range of health care professionals. And the key is asking them why. If they say something, I’m the first to ask them to explain it.

Because if they can explain it, and it makes sense, it means they know what they’re talking about.

It’s when it’s random facts that you yourself question, and they can’t back it up.

That’s when you need to make sure you stop listening to what they say and get a second (or third!) opinion.

I had an appointment with a Women’s Health Physio and it went a little like this:

1.Wrist: just a little ‘achey’ so I wanted to get it checked out, as one of the most common injuries for new mothers is wrists. So, it turns out I’ve just been over using the computer mouse and need to do some stretches.

2.Hips: they are doing so well, but I always like to get even the slightest thing checked these days. It’s going to make a world of difference later in the pregnancy and in my recovery. It’s still tighter on the left side, so just got to prioritise the psoas (hip flexor) stretches and glute activation work.

3. Pelvic floor: completely functional pelvic floor, contract and release really well, but hey, when you’re seeing a women’s health physio, it’s so important to get pelvic floor checked!

Supplements and Eating Nourishing Food

At the moment I’m taking Prenatal Supplement (Eagle Treos Natal) and Magnesium (P45 as this one is for muscle relaxing – who knew there were so many different types of Magnesium out there that all do different things!).

I’m also taking Iron supplement along with vitamin C in the mornings.

Important to add a probiotic and fish oil now that I’m in third trimester. It helps with inflammation and brain development in bub. I’ve also been reading about DHA levels and that not having enough in your system post-birth is linked with… something.

I can’t remember now!

I’ll have to look it up and get back to you. But do some research on it.

I’m all about the food right now. As in good food. As in fuelling my body.

It’s so funny when people say to me “oh you’re good!” when they see me eating my healthy food. And then they also say “you look great, you have so much energy!”.

Where do you think I get it from?

Good food, exercise, hydration and rest. It’s an equation that’s always worked for me, and my clients that have the most success.

And it’s something, that now I’m fuelling both me and my gorgeous baby, of course I’m going to prioritise it even more!

If I rest, I don’t get the cravings. If I don’t, I’m not so great to be around. If I exercise and get out in the fresh air and have a laugh in my day, I’m on fire! I feel amazing! If I don’t, I could potentially cry for no apparent reason.

It’s all about balance. And prioritising what you need.

I’m about to head to the shops and get some medool dates. So, have you heard?

Apparently eating dates helps “increase cervical ripening”. There’s bee a bunch of research, and you know what, I don’t care if it doesn’t work, I’m going to try it out.

I’ve had a bunch of mamas say they’ve read up on it and it’s all facts. But to be honest, I like dates anyway!

So, it’s not the worst thing. But I often don’t get the medool dates. So, this will be a treat!

Talk to me in a few weeks and I’ll be over dates I’m sure, but for now, it seems like a perfectly good idea!

Just reducing any inflammatory foods is important for me (and any pregnant woman really). To be fair, it’s important for everyone. That’s why clean eating people often feel better.

In pregnancy you have to be super smart about it, because it’s not about going on a diet. Hell no! By the way, never go on a diet, they aren’t great. Just change your eating patterns to eat better – for life!

Any who, in pregnancy and early postpartum it is SO important to increase the foods that nourish you!

Right now, in my kitchen I have eggs that I’ve just hard boiled. There are 2 cups of cooked quinoa that I have now for a week worth of adding to salads and dishes. And pumpkin roasting away in the oven.

These are just staples that I can add to any meal or snack that I need.

Belly Growth

My gorgeous belly is growing! The very top of my belly button has started to (sort of) pop out.

But not that I have an ‘outty’. Just you can kind of see it when I wear a tight top.

Apparently, this can stay like this! It’s interesting to watch as each week goes by.

He’s moving heaps now, which I absolutely love. Even if I’m focused on doing something and he moves around I often find myself stopping, even just briefly and saying hello to him.

I have a feeling I have much more belly growth to happen, and it’s going to be interesting to experience!

My Pregnancy Week 31 – Tips for this week

1. Ask why. Know you have a right to know what someone is doing for your body and your baby.

Never just assume with an expert, ask them why and listen to the explanation and if it doesn’t make sense to you get a second opinion or ask them to explain in a different way.

2. Nourish your body. Even if those ice-cream cravings are happening, make sure that the majority of your day you are fuelling your body, as it needs it.

Now is certainly a time to replenish your stores, as your baby is taking a lot of your nutrients and you don’t want to be completely depleted after birth.

3. Prepare in advance. If you get into the habit of preparing for the week ahead (or even just the day) now in your pregnancy, it’s going to help you a lot post-pregnancy too.

It’s so much easier to just grab something quick, but if you really want to nourish your body, it takes a little bit of thought and prep, but trust me, it’s worth it!

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