My Pregnancy Week 32

No Point Comparing, to Others or Your Past Self

My Pregnancy Week 32 What to Expect

My Pregnancy Week 32

For our wedding, instead of having a guest book, we created postcards of our adventures across the world.

We had one for every guest and asked them to write on the back a memory, story or note to us as a couple. Since our one-year anniversary, we’ve been looking at one a week.

It’s a nice way to tune into us and celebrate us as a couple whilst remembering our special day and the love that surrounded us of our family and friends.

This week, the photo was of us at a friend’s wedding in South Australia a few years back, just looking back at that photo we looked so different. I’m wearing a hot red dress and my tummy is so flat.

It is so funny looking at it, because my belly is growing at a rapid rate at the moment. Beautiful and round, and getting quite big.

I’ve never felt so beautiful than I have felt in this pregnancy. My body has an extra purpose and I’ve really been embracing each moment as it is changing so rapidly.

I’ve always been into my fitness, but, as with so many teenage girls, I didn’t like my body back when I was going through high school. It’s always a time to compare and want what you don’t have, right?

Moving into my twenties I became more confident and enjoyed my body as I looked after myself and embraced self-care through my uni days and early working career.

And then, I just kept listening to my body.

As it changed, so did the way I looked after it. As my metabolism slowed, I adjusted my eating and movement patterns compared to my early days when I was an eating machine!

What I’m alluding to, is that each stage of life is so different, and embracing your body and yourself in that time of your life is so important.

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve gone through a full wardrobe change, which I’ve never had to do before.

I’ve always been about the same size. I’ve really used it as a cleansing point, to move on from the past and move into the future, and that goes for my clothes too.

I’ve donated a lot of my super tight little dresses that I used to wear as I know, especially in that first year after having our gorgeous bub, I don’t need the pressure to fit back into them, nor do I probably want to!

They were very tight, and as a twenty-something-year-old, they were great!

Bring on the flowing, beautiful, colourful dresses that make me feel good!

Because there is no point comparing to others, and even more so, no point comparing to you at a different stage in life.

I’m certainly going to be working to regain my strength and tone after little Mr. is born.

But I’m also going to give my body the loving kindness it needs, because right now, it’s working overtime to create life and I’m just feeling so blessed it’s doing so well!

Kerryn Boyle Pregnancy Week 32

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Acupuncture when Pregnant

I had my first acupuncture session in my pregnancy this week, and it felt good.

There’s something pretty special about Traditional Chinese Medicine and the way it all works.

The main things for me were stress (as it’s the lead up to Christmas and also me planning to take time off working), as well as low iron.

Today as I write this, I’m feeling so much more relaxed. To the point where I went to do a workout this morning and all I was craving was a good stretch, and so that’s what I did.

It’s been an interesting shift moving into the third trimester. I certainly feel different and my energy is lower, but in a kind of grounding way. I’m slowing down, but it’s a good thing.

I’ve really been enjoying ramping up my self-care and tuning inwards, especially in the lead up to Christmas and planning to have time off working.

Admittedly I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment that I need to really prioritise to get it all done, but at the same time not stress myself out.

These morning workouts and yoga sessions are just bliss, as are my swims and walks. But also resting, naps are an essential part of my daily routine as the night time sleep isn’t what it used to be!

His room

We’re getting very set up now! We got the pram this week (thank goodness!).

I feel like that was the biggest decision of all. I know I’ll be using it a lot, but man these things can be expensive!

I’m happy with our choice (I think!). And looking forward to actually trying it out.

It’s still in the box and I think it’ll stay there until he arrives.

I’ve been loving setting up his room and imagining us in there.

Pregnancy Week 32 Exercises

My Pregnancy Week 32 Tips

1. Don’t compare yourself to others, or your past self. It’s not going to help you, embrace the change and look forward to an even better you!

2. Slow down. If your body is telling you to slow down, then listen.

Everything else can wait, time for you and your baby to connect and to help them grow,
you need to rest and stop stressing.

3. Enjoy the process of getting your new life ready. And do it step by step so it’s not overwhelming.

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