My Pregnancy Week 34

Getting Big Now Now I’m 34 Weeks Pregnant

Yep, he’s growing and it’s week 34 of my pregnancy! My belly is getting much bigger now!

And I don’t even have to notice for myself, I have plenty of people reminding me.

You have to take it in good humour, otherwise, you’ll cry. And if you are, have been or know a pregnant woman, it’s very easy to make her cry. Those hormones, I tell you!

Oiling my gorgeous belly three times a day now, morning, middle of the day and evening. Every day.

They say stretch marks are in your genes, but hey, if this oiling helps me out, I’m going to do it!

Plus, if I don’t, I feel itchy and dry. So, why not!

I bought a daily repair oil from the company I get all my skin and body care products from. It’s not cheap, but it works.

And I love it.

What to expect when 34 weeks pregnant

No, You Can’t

It’s so funny, we spend so much time talking about “Yes, you can!” that to even write the words “No, you can’t” seems odd.

But sometimes, you just can’t.

And I’m learning that throughout this pregnancy journey. Especially when it comes to lifting. I’ve been working so hard to keep my body pain free.

I’m not just lucky, if I wasn’t making the choices I’m making then for sure, I’d be in a lot of pain. Because earlier this pregnancy I was. And I kept doing too much.

I’m small, but I love how strong I am. And I can lift heavy. But right now, if I lift too heavy it’s my hips that hurt. Either straight away or the next day.

And when I say ‘heavy’ I’m talking a 12KG bag, a 15KG toddler. Stuff that, when you’re in a rush, you just do.

I’ve had to say no to lifting my nieces or my friends kids. I’ve had to ask my husband to take the heavy shopping from the car. I’ve had to ask strangers to assist me when I need it.

Because, I just can’t. Well, I can, but I’ll hurt myself, so it’s not worth it.

Inspirational Women

Book mark is a photo of my Mum, sister, aunties – to keep inspired. We all spent Christmas Eve together and it just reminded me how special each of them are in my life.

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by, they have been there since the start.

As we lead up into late third trimester, the reality of birth becomes closer and closer. But that gentle reminder that all these mothers, every single one of them – did it!

They birthed beautiful babies into the world and supported them to grow up into their own person.

It’s a fitting book mark for me to have for the book I’m reading. It’s just split second I look at it each time, but each time I do it makes me smile.

Stress Free

We successfully made the lead up to Christmas stress free! I finished up the PregActive Classes, but I’m not sad as I know this community is so strong it will keep thriving and I’ll still be in regular contact.

It’s funny when it’s not good bye, it’s just ‘see you later!’

Every year Christmas lead up seems to be stressful, we also try to do both families on the one day, running from one to the other.

This year, we had relaxed Christmas Eve drinks with my family and then a lovely Christmas lunch with my husband’s side – and then we went to the beach! It was awesome!

My Pregnancy Week 34 Tips

1. Each time you look at your belly, remind yourself that you have a beautiful baby growing inside. And as your baby grows, so do you!

If anyone dares to call you fat or big, either laugh it off or give them that ‘I’m pregnant, don’t you mess with me’ kind of stare. It works well.

2. Give in to not being able to do everything. Your body just can’t handle it. Nor should it.

The pressure not only on your pelvic floor muscles, but on the ligaments and supportive tissue is just too much if you lift heavy.

Someone else can get it for you.

Remind yourself that the incredible women in your life that are mothers have been through exactly what you are going through, and about to go through.

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