My Pregnancy Week 35

Pregnancy Week 35 and it’s Christmas

I’m not sure what I love more Christmas itself, or playing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey on constant repeat.

Yep, I’m one of those people.

And proud of it.

Every class I taught in the week leading up to Christmas.. we played it.

Setting up the Christmas tree… we played it.

Christmas Eve.. we played it.

Christmas Day… we played it.

Love Actually has to be in my top 10 movies of all time. Not one, mind you, that I watch with my husband. Either girlfriends or me just watching solo!

So yep, Christmas Day we turned 35 weeks pregnant! Still with fingers crossed that we make it to at least 36 weeks and into 2020.

We had a lovely morning and followed by a relaxed Christmas lunch. I fell asleep on the couch after my three servings of lunch and started the trend.

By 4’oclock we left and 5’oclock with were beach side, relaxing in the sun on another gorgeous day. We have this entire week here at the beach and just so happy to be here.

Pregnancy Week 35 - what to expect when 35 weeks pregnant


It’s so good to get away. We love our home, but to escape it and get down the coast is just the best. Packed with our beach towels, bathers and books, we are literally set for the week.

And of course, I take four books hoping I’ll finish them all, and end up falling asleep on the beach under my beach umbrella listening to the ocean… so no, I didn’t finish any books, but I felt very well rested.


It’s happening. My feet and calves are swelling in the heat, or if I sit or stand too long. Lying in the ocean has been the best thing this week.

We go to the front beach, so it’s so calm, and shallow enough that I can just float face down and support myself with my hands. It’s the best feeling ever at 35 weeks pregnant and in the heat.

I have been wearing my thongs pretty much every day, everywhere I go. If you’re pregnant in summer, get some. They are so good.

They have the arch support, so my hips feel good after wearing them (compared to any unsupported shoes where my hips are yelling at me after a few hours).

Plus, I don’t need to do them up! Winning! And even as my feet expand, I can still fit them. I live in those and runners. Everything else can wait.

My Pregnancy Week 35 Tips

1. Find what you enjoy, whether it’s music or something else. If it brings you joy now, it can also help in those hard days when you’ve had no sleep.

Make a list of the little things that bring you joy.

2. Getting fresh air and being in nature is important, now and when bub arrives.

You may not be able to go as far from home, but make a list of places you love near to you and ensure you get to at least one every week to help you and your partner stay at ease.

3. Swelling is real when it comes to pregnancy, especially third trimester and especially in the heat.

Ensure you move as much as you can, avoid being still for too long (unless horizonal). And give yourself (or get your partner to give you) a good foot and calf rub each night.

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