My Pregnancy Week 36

Pregnancy Week 36 – New Year

We made it! We always wanted our bub to arrive in 2020. That’s when he’s due, but hey, it doesn’t always mean that’s when he’ll arrive!

Babies often come at random times.

I was speaking to a lady just before Christmas.

She asked when I was due. I said 29th January 2020. She said, ‘oh I was due end of Jan with my second as well, but she came on the 21st of December.

It was the 23rd of December when I was talking with her.

Yep, reality hit that day.

But now, we’re into January and hey, we might even go into February! Who knows!

Pregnancy Week 36 - what to expect when 36 weeks pregnant

Loving being at home

We spent an amazing week down at the beach, and now well rested, we’re glad to spend some time at home. Feeling very ready and organised with the house and just doing little bits and pieces to help us once he comes along now.

It’s so nice to be in a home that we renovated. Every so often I find myself looking up and thinking, “yep, I remember the day I painted that ceiling”.

It’s hard work doing it yourself, but so very rewarding.

And so glad we’re not doing it with a little one here!

Vivid Dreams

I have no idea whats happening with my brain, but my night time sleeps are no good! I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m up all night.

I’m just not sleeping restfully, I’m having weird dreams and yep, you guessed it.. I’m getting up in the middle of the night to pee!

But, my 30-40 minute nap in the middle of the day is awesome! I rest so well. Can’t sacrifice that one at the moment.

Everyone says “sleep as much as you can” and I’m certainly trying!

He’s movin’

This little guy is moving all around. But there’s no denying it, I love it. He’s certainly growing and I think he’s going to be an active little bub!

It’s still the coolest thing I’ve ever felt, to have a little baby inside you kicking about. So very cool.

I think I’ll miss that part, and my big round belly. But certainly getting excited to see what this little guy looks like!

Still doing my PregActive prenatal workouts and staying fit and relaxed.

My Pregnancy Week 36 Tips

1. Be grateful for whenever your bub decides to arrive into the world. So much pressure on times and dates. It’s just nice that when they are here they are happy in your arms.

2. Enjoy your home. Create it to be your sanctuary. And prepare for a whole lot of extra ‘stuff’ to accumulate over the next 12 months+

3. Enjoy those movements. It’s like nothing else. Not so great getting a kick in the ribs, but really, just knowing they are healthy is good. Feeling movement is absolute key with this.

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