Post Pregnancy Workouts at Home

Let Me Help YOU Regain Trust in Your Body Again!

Hi, I’m Kerryn Boyle! I am a Prenatal & Postnatal Exercise Specialist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor and a women’s health coach. I want to share with you my online program that allows you to participate in post pregnancy workouts at home.

I have been teaching The PregActive Method to women all around the world through my online program and in-studio classes. And I want to help you safely recover post-birth.

Safely Strengthen Your Core and Heal Diastasis Recti After Childbirth

My online Post-Baby Recovery Program provides you with a natural way to help heal abdominal separation with safe diastasis recti exercises, improve pelvic floor functioning, improve the way you feel physically and emotionally, and strengthen your core.

My goal is to look after YOUR health & well-being while you look after your baby!

Kerryn Boyle Post-Baby Exercise Specialist

Post Pregnancy Workouts at Home
Post Pregnancy Workouts at Home

Overall, My PregActive Clients Experience

  • a more empowering and comfortable post-baby recovery.
  • increased strength and confidence in their body.
  • a stronger core with the right exercises.
  • restored muscle strength.
  • quicker healing after childbirth.
  • more natural recovery from diastasis recti.
  • less back and pelvic pain.
  • improved body control.
  • increased energy and lower stress levels.

post pregnancy workouts at home

The PregActive Method is Medically Endorsed

I will provide you with the right information you need as well as proven diastasis recti exercises to help naturally heal your abdominal separation. I will help you to experience a faster and more empowering recovery post-baby so that you can get on and enjoy motherhood with renewed energy.

The PregActive Method is a medically endorsed and physiotherapist recommended online health, mind & body program designed for women after childbirth. So let’s get started. Now is the time to look after YOU while you look after your baby.

At Home Post Pregnancy Workouts