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The PregActive Method

The PregActive Method is an innovative online health & exercise program designed for women preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy, recovering after childbirth & post pregnancy.

Our goal is to empower you through exercise and movement by providing you with the required tools to help you safely exercise during pregnancy while experiencing an easier labour and a more comfortable postnatal recovery.

Get the Tools and Resources You Need

The PregActive Method provides you with the required tools to help you stay connected to your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy as well as better preparing you for child birth.

Our pregnancy workouts promote a speedy recovery helping you to achieve your post birth goals and regain confidence in your body again to perform how you want it to perform.

The PregActive Method

How we can help you
Throughout the years teaching our PregActive Method we know that exercise is essential during each trimester of pregnancy for both mother and baby. But not just any form exercise.

In fact, we see too many women performing dangerous activities, movements and exercises that can potentially cause both mother and baby harm. Our methodology can help reduce and even eliminate many discomforts and fears associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Through our method you will be taught innovative techniques. PregActive is for every pregnant woman that has been approved for exercise by their health care professional.

Our techniques can be of great benefit throughout your pregnancy regardless of your current fitness level or your choice of delivery for childbirth.

We focus on prevention first
Our primary goal is to help you prevent common pregnancy related issues before they arise by keeping you ‘PregActive’ throughout your pregnancy. By participating in our unique and cutting-edge programs you will be more likely to experience a more positive, empowering and comfortable pregnancy.

This will also give you the confidence throughout the birth experience and your postnatal recovery allowing you to enter into motherhood feeling stronger and more in control of your body.

The PregActive Method

PregActive is a required addition to your prenatal classes
Our PregActive Method has been specifically designed to help YOU, the mother; stay physically fit throughout your pregnancy.

Our pelvic floor exercises will help reduce issues such as unwanted leakage and our PregActiveCORE workouts will help you prevent or reduce pregnancy back pain.

Our method does not replace your required prenatal classes which focus on providing you with valuable information about childbirth, your hospital experience, parenting help, and caring for your newborn baby.

Instead, PregActive is an extremely important addition to any childbirth class as we look after you while you learn to look after baby. This is why The PregActive Method is medically endorsed and recommended by women\’s health physiotherapists and Obstetricians.

Overall, our PregActive clients experience:
•    a more empowering and comfortable pregnancy.
•    increased strength and confidence in their body.
•    a strong core as the belly grows each trimester.
•    reduced pelvic floor problems.
•    quicker healing post birth.
•    lessened chance of abdominal separation.
•    less back and pelvic pain.
•    increased control of their body throughout each trimester.
•    improve childbirth experience using our breathing techniques.

Online Pregnancy Workouts with Pregactive

Why you should get PregActive
The PregActive Method provides you with valuable health, fitness and well-being tools; preconception, during pregnancy and as a new mother. We provide movement modifications specific to pregnancy that deliver research-backed health benefits to you and your baby.

Our safe pregnancy exercise workouts are a valuable investment to you and your baby’s health. Our method focuses on teaching you correct core breathing, core activation exercises, functional movement and techniques. Our method is redefining how women exercise when pregnant.

PregActive CORE
We believe every woman should include our PregActiveCORE workouts into their pregnancy. Our unique and pregnancy-specific core techniques use deep core engagement to keep your abdominal muscles strong throughout pregnancy.

During the postnatal phase we continue our focus on the deep core to heal diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and to help you build a strong foundation in your core well beyond this postnatal period.

Our PregActive WORKOUTS provide you with a total body workout that will improve your overall strength and flexibility.

You will increase your energy levels, upper and lower body strength, feel more invigorated, and experience reduced pregnancy back pain as you incorporate these workouts with your PregActive CORE sessions.

Once you have been cleared by your doctor to participate in postnatal exercises our PregActive Post-baby program will guide you through a care and recovery program for all 12 weeks.

Our workouts will provide you with the required foundation strength to get you back on track to regaining body confidence so it will function properly again. Our workouts consist of safe exercises that challenge your body and stimulate your mind.

While we emphasise ‘prevention’ instead of ‘repair’ we know that when it comes to many pregnancy related issues that there is no magical technique that will completely prevent every issue.

What we do know, especially from feedback provided from our clients, is that our programs help to reduce the severity and duration of many issues. Our postnatal recovery program has proven results to help better heal, reduce and repair diastasis recti, lower back pain, pelvic floor incontinence and prolapse.

PregActive is

Effective | Functional | Innovative | Preventative | Online

Empowering | Rehabilitative | Supportive | Trusted | Focused | FOR YOU!

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