Get the Best At-Home Pregnancy Workouts for YOU!

At Home Post Pregnancy Workouts


  • My program is medically recommended and endorsed.
  • PROVEN Results from women just like YOU!
  • You can get pregnancy fit from the privacy of your home.
  • You will Stay Fit & Strong throughout each trimester.
  • You will receive Safe & Effective workouts for You & Baby!

What Pregactive Gives You

  • New program every week
  • Choice of at-home workouts
  • Complete, health, mind and body program
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Knowledge to enjoy a healthier pregnancy

Here’s what you get

  • Sustainable at-home workouts
  • Convenient 20 minute workouts
  • Workout anytime in privacy of your home
  • Workout anywhere, at the park, gym, on holiday
  • Immediate access – All you need is a phone.

Pregnancy Exercises at Home

Workout from the privacy of your home with:

  • 30 +workout videos
  • Support you need and deserve
  • Knowledge and tips from our prenatal dietitian
  • Access to our Pregnancy Q&A library
  • The most effective pelvic floor exercise videos

Safe and effective exercises

  • Discover the best trimester-specific workouts
  • Safe exercises and routines for you and baby!
  • See what exercises you MUST AVOID
  • Schedule your workouts to stay on track
  • Find the workout that suits your busy lifestyle
  • Explore workouts for ALL fitness levels

Choose Your Workout

  • Get prenatal yoga video workouts
  • Pregactive BASIC (Beginner)
  • Pregactive WORKOUT (Intermediate)
  • Pregactive FIT (Advanced)

3 Steps to a Healthier Pregnancy

Step 1

Sign-up and get pregnancy fit today!

Step 2

Follow our guided weekly programs.

Step 3

See the results!

This is the pregnancy program for you if you:

  • Reduce or prevent back pain
  • Prevent unwanted leakage with a strong pelvic floor
  • Retain muscle and strength to carry baby
  • Understand how to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight


Physically prepare NOW for:

  • Carrying a baby every trimester and as your belly grows
  • Ensuring you are ready for labour and delivery
  • Building a strong body to successfully recover post-birth
  • A stronger, fitter and healthier pregnancy body!


Does this sound like you? I want to:

  • Enjoy a healthier pregnancy experience
  • Retain my body confidence
  • Do what I can for my baby’s future health
  • Prepare for labour and delivery
  • Maintain a healthy pregnancy weight
  • Prevent illness and injury
  • Feel confident and supported 

Pregnancy Tips

You deserve the best! Our program is for pregnant:

  • Stay at home mothers
  • Working women
  • First-time new mothers
  • Women who already have children
  • Women of ALL fitness levels
  • …for every woman who wants to OWN THEIR HEALTH!

Join Our PregActive Tribe of Women Just Like YOU!

It worked for Jasmin, Sally, Sarah, Rachel, Bridget, Stacey, Jessica, Ashlee…. it will work for you!


At Home Post Pregnancy Workouts